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The Strengths Committee

If you work at the Library or any other location represented by 2822, you have been introduced to the Clifton Strengths assessment, a personality test owned and promoted by Gallup, Inc –the famous creator of public opinion polls. The test creates a profile of the taker, in terms of 34 characteristics, called “strengths,” or “talent themes” by the administrator. Each strength has a name (and each name a trademark by Gallup), and is described in positive terms. But wait, there's more!

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Dirk Schot, Labor-Management Health Care Committee, Central Library

As part of our labor contract, every year the Labor-Management Health Care Committee has agreed to consensus bargaining to negotiate any plan design changes that will happen for the following year, in this case 2018. This was agreed to as a way for the Unions to have some say in how plan design changes would affect our members because the self-insurance plan may need to increase rates due to increased costs of the plan. If no consensus agreement is made, the County would still implement changes they deemed fit.

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If you have experienced intimidation, harassment, retaliation, or discrimination by supervisors, you can do something about it! Both the law and Hennepin County Policy prohibit this in the workplace. It is important that we protect each other as coworkers and take care of each other. We have several resources to fight this behavior at Hennepin County. We are stronger together! Read more >>>

 The August issue is available now! There are updates on the Health Care bargaining happening now, anti-bullying and discrimination resources, letters from members, summer fun at the AFSCME Family Picnic and the Minnesota State Fair, and more!   Read more >>>

By Susan Rose, Recording Secretary and Steward, Franklin Library

Last time, we covered dos and don’ts for new employees. This month, we will consider contradictory instructions and the need to document.

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July's edition has more tips for new employees, lots of events (including a Know Your Rights training), info about Lost Time, and we're looking for a treasurer! Read more >>>

AFSCME negotiators reached the tentative agreement at 11:35 p.m. June 22. Members will vote Aug. 7 - 11. Read more >>>

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Thoughtful planning for leadership transitions boosts powerful young voices. “We’ve got big shoes to fill.” Read more >>>

The GOP's maneuvering to kill local control of measures that would improve life for workers has backfired. Read more >>>

June's edition is full of action updates, the perspective of a substitute employee, an educational opportunity, and more! Oh, and we're looking for a webmaster! Read more >>>

By Ali Fuhrman, President, Hosmer Library and Shane Clune, E-Board-At-Large, East Lake Library

A member of our union wants us to share their story: they were sexually assaulted by a supervisor. We are working hard to ensure that this member is safe and receives the resources and support they need. We are looking for justice for our member, but also accountability and oversight in their department.

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Beginning with our May 3 meeting, our monthly membership meetings will start at 6:30PM. They will be held every month at the Minneapolis Central Library, 300 Nicollet Mall, in the Doty Board Room on the second floor.

Lost time is available for members to attend union meetings during scheduled worktime. Members can also receive reimbursement for parking with a receipt, and childcare expenses of up to $15 an hour.

The officers of AFSCME local 2822 were nominated at our February 2017 membership meeting. There were no contested elections.

Local 2822 Officers
President Ali Fuhrman

720-771-8471 cell

Vice President Jayne Mikulay 612-543-8426
Treasurer Vacant  
Recording Secretary Susan Rose
Chief Steward Genae Nicole 612-543-3366
Chief Steward- Sam Gutierrez 612-480-7264
Membership Secretary Rita Watson 612-596-7843
E-Board at Large Valerie Wiggins 612-596-8000
  Lindsey Fenner 612-543-5801
  Adonna Swift 612-543-2195
  Shane Clune 612-543-8426
Trustee Dari Kolstad 612-348-9942
  DJ Hooker 612-543-8500
  Lisa Daniels  
Delta Dental Trustee Ann Baird 612-543-0270
Good & Welfare Rosine Johnson

612-596-0970 work
952-221-7454 cell


Minneapolis Labor Federation Delegates: Ann Baird, Shane Clune, Sam Gutierrez, DJ Hooker, Brett Schlosser

St. Paul Labor Federation Delegates: Rita Watson, Vacant

Our contract for the years 2016 to 2018 is now available (click "read more" to find a pdf link).

It's a long document which perhaps only a hardy few will read cover to cover. But if there's an issue you've been wondering about, like say "vacation time" or "severance pay" a quick Control + F search will take you to the relevant section.

It's worth noting how much it means just to have a contract. Many non-union workers are employed "at will," meaning they can be fired at any time for any reason, or no reason. Working under a union contract gives us rights to due process, which means a big chunk of protection and quality of life for us and our families.

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